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10 Books I Can't Wait to Get My Hands On

This week, the theme for Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly feature at The Broke and the Bookish, is most anticipated books for the second half of 2016. Which is good, because there are so many great books coming out in the second half of this year, but bad, because I had to choose only ten. I could have easily listed twenty. Or thirty. But here are ten books that I absolutely need to get my hands on ASAP, listed in order of how quickly I can do that.

Scarlet Witch, Vol. 1: Witches' Road by James Robinson - July 19, 2016: I've loved Scarlet Witch since I saw her last year in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So when I saw that she was getting her own comic series, I was so excited. And now the first paperback is almost here! I don't really know anything except that Scarlet Witch is traveling the world but I don't even care what it's about.

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West - July 26, 2016: I've read all of Kasie West's books so far, and I absolutely love her contemporaries. She has such a great sense of humor and such amazing characters! And the premise sounds pretty amazing - two people writing notes to each other on a desk - but I'd read anything by Kasie West at this point.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter #8) - July 31, 2016: It would be wrong if I didn't have this book on this list. I'm definitely anticipating this book, even though I'm not sure whether or not it's with excitement at this point. You can see a post I wrote about my conflicted feelings here. Since then, I heard something about the plot that made me even more apprehensive, so we'll see where this goes.

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir (An Ember in the Ashes #2) - August 30, 2016: I read An Ember in the Ashes last year, after it got a lot of hype, and I was still blown away by it. At this point, I have no idea where this series is going. I just know that I'll read this book no matter what, because I have to know what happens!

As I Descended by Robin Talley - September 6, 2016: I've been anticipating this book for two years now, so it's so surreal that I'm actually putting it on this list. It's by Robin Talley, the author of Lies We Tell Ourselves, which I adored, and it's a modern retelling of Macbeth set in a boarding school with a canonically bi protagonist. Yes please.

Like a River Glorious by Rae Carson (The Gold Seer Trilogy #2) - September 27, 2016: I read Walk on Earth a Stranger earlier this year and absolutely loved it, so I need to read this book as soon as I can. This series has great characters and an amazing blend of historical fiction and fantasy, so no matter what happens, it's going to be good.

The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart - September 27, 2016: Trenton Lee Stewart has not published a book since the end of the Mysterious Benedict Society series, which was ages ago. That series was so original and clever, and I'm sure that this book will be the same way.

Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin (Wolf by Wolf #2) - November 1, 2016: I read Wolf by Wolf a couple of months ago, and since then, the answer to "What do I want to read right now?" has often been Blood for Blood. At which point I'm always faced with the tiny problem that it hasn't been released yet. But it's coming! Soon! Kind of.

A Million Worlds with You by Claudia Gray (Firebird #3) - November 1, 2016: I don't know what it is about this series, but the first two books just captivated me. I love the idea of multiple universes, even if it does scare me a little bit, and this series takes that idea and makes it into an amazing adventure. And after the ending of the second book, I need to know what happens.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer - November 8, 2016: I love Marissa Meyer's fairy tale retellings from The Lunar Chronicles. I love Alice in Wonderland. At this point, I don't know the specifics about this book and I don't care, because I'm pretty sure that nothing could change my mind about wanting to read it.

Which books are you anticipating the most? Do we have any in common? Have I convinced you to add any of these to your list? Tell me in the comments!


  1. The Cursed Child and Heartless were on my list this week too!
    My TTT:

    1. So many people are anticipating those that I think that when the books come out, nobody will be talking about anything else for a while!

  2. Heartless and Sabaa Tahir will not disappoint for sure. Hope time flies fast and the books get released

    1. Hopefully! I know one of my most anticipated reads for earlier this year, Passenger, didn't feel like too long of a wait.

  3. A Torch Against the Night was also on my list this week - I adored the first book and can't wait to continue on with the story!
    Heres my TTT

    1. It's going to be so great! I hope it's just as exciting as the first one.


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