Friday, September 16, 2016

Blogging Goals - Update

At the beginning of May, I made a post about my blogging goals. I originally gave myself until the end of June to make a good start on them, with the promise that I'd make an update post. And then the end of June happened...and then summer happened...and here we are. Let's see how I've done on my blogging goals!

1. Always have at least one scheduled post. As of right now, this is more of an almost always, but here's one huge bit of progress - I'm always writing posts in advance! That never used to happen at all. And I even have a schedule: new posts Tuesdays and Fridays, with a little bit of flexibility because come on, I haven't made that much progress.

2. Write reviews quickly after reading the book. Definitely improved on this one! I found that if I know I'm going to be doing a full review of a book, it really helps if I jot down a few quick notes while I'm reading. It usually adds up to about a page of bullet points, and it makes it so easy to just sit down and write a review.

3. Spend more time on other people's blogs. This one's been suffering a bit lately, because college is taking over my life, but I expect that to settle down soon. And I made a lot of progress with this one over the summer! I found some new blogs to follow (including Ali @ Arctic Books, Emma @ Awkwordly Emma, and Holly @ Nut Free Nerd), and I swear, it's like every time I discover somebody new, I get more and more excited about blogging!

4. Write more discussions. This one is a work in progress. I've written some discussions - since my original blogging goals post, I've written a post about the pros and cons of TBR sizes and a post about DNFing, but two discussion posts since the beginning of May is not too good. But the good news is I'm still working on it, and I have more ideas. I just haven't written them yet. Not ideal, but no posts and some ideas is better than where I was before, which was no posts and no ideas.

5. Make a bookstagram. This one's a success! You can find me on bookstagram right here, although I've kind of been neglecting it lately (see above re: college taking over my life). But it's so fun, and I'm really glad I did it!

Now here's the tricky part: none of these goals are really, truly accomplished. I didn't set goals for myself that were strictly achievable. Scheduling posts, writing reviews, spending time on other blogs, writing more discussions, and not neglecting my bookstagram aren't things that I can just do once and have them over with. I'm always, always going to be working on these.

That can seem a big discouraging...but at the same time, I've kind of gotten myself into a rhythm. I think I've made a lot of progress as a blogger in the past few months, and I'm really excited to see what the future holds. But what with continuing to work on these and putting college into the equation, I think I'm going to hold off on creating more blog goals for myself. For now.

What are your blogging goals? Do we have any in common? Do you give yourself deadlines to achieve them, or to make progress on them? Tell me in the comments!

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