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March Wrap-Up

Remember when I said in my last post that I'd (hopefully) be back to a more normal posting schedule?
Yeah, let's all take a moment to laugh about that, because the alternative is falling into a pit of stress about how this semester is kicking my ass. I've gone into some of the reasons on here before, but basically, March was a mess. I'm not gonna give a whole lot of details, because I want to focus on the good parts and the books, but for the rest of the semester, all of my promises and good intentions are more or less out the window.

Basically, I've been busy. I haven't had a lot of time to read, or to blog, or to do much of anything. Even sleeping has been sacrificed (sometimes). Such is the life of a college student. Things should be getting a bit less stressful in a week or so, but then there are finals and basically I should just hold my breath until the end of the semester.

It wasn't all bad! I had spring break, which I desperately needed, which is the r…