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August Wrap-Up

Is it really the end of August? Because I'm pretty sure that it's the end of July at the latest. Time in summer can be weird like that.

This was my last month at home for a while, since I'm moving to college and my winter break is short enough that I'm probably not going to fly all the way back home. One of the most agonizing bookish things was deciding which books I'm going to take with me - I can't have my whole shelf! I'll have a post on that up soon.

The most exciting (and frustrating) thing that happened this month happened just a couple of days ago. My parents wanted to make dropping me off at college even more of an event than it is, so we went hiking in the Adirondacks for a couple of days. We found a book of allegedly short hikes, and we decided to go up Blueberry Mountain. In case anyone was wondering, 8 hours is not a short hike. And it was really difficult, too. But the view was amazing:

I mean, look at that. It's so gorgeous it looks fake!

On a…