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October Wrap-Up

What's this? A Lost in My Library post on a day that's not Tuesday or Friday? Must be a wrap-up! Because I've arbitrarily decided that the calendar is more important than my blogging schedule. (But let's also call this my Tuesday post because I don't have anything tomorrow and I'm really not up for three posts a week right now.)

I can't believe that October is over! I'm in the middle of midterms right now (well, kind of - my classes this semester are weird with midterms), and it feels like I was just moving in a couple of weeks ago. And things are moving quickly in a number of ways - it snowed this week! The snow only stayed on the ground for about a day, and it's going to be warmer for at least a couple of weeks, but still - SNOW.

This wrap-up is definitely a bit longer than my wrap-up from last month - I'm finally getting the hang of balancing my schedule to allow for more reading! I'm not reading as much as I usually did in high school, but…