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Review: Our Year of Maybe

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Most Anticipated January 2019 Releases

New year, new books to anticipate! We're still doing this on a month-by-month basis, though - there's just no way I could fit all of my most anticipated books for the year into one post! Here are some of the books that release this month that I'm really excited to read.

IN AN ABSENT DREAM by Seanan McGuire (Wayward Children #4) - January 8:
new Wayward Children book!
a prequel about Lundy!
a new world to explore!!
I really don't need to know anything else about this, I've gone into the other books with basically no information and it's all worked out so far

OUR YEAR OF MAYBE by Rachel Lynn Solomon - January 15:
ok so I've already read this one, but everyone else has to
one of my favorite books of 2018
anything Rachel Lynn Solomon writes is my new top priority and should be yours, too

THE GILDED WOLVES by Roshani Chokshi (The Gilded Wolves #1) - January 15:
historical fantasy, which I really want to
I love books set in the late 1800s
I ha…