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Most Anticipated September Books

This post is a little late, but it's always a great time to talk about my most anticipated books! This month, I'm bringing you TWICE as many books as the last couple of months, because these are too good to not talk about.

PRIDE by Ibi Zoboi - September 18th
• Pride & Prejudice retelling
• looking at gentrification which makes a LOT of sense considering the original
• seems like Darcy and Bingley are going to be brothers which opens up a lot of cool possibilities

UNBROKEN ed. by Marieke Nijkamp - September 18th
• another of the many YA anthologies that I've been seeing and loving
• focusing on disability! which is something that I almost never see!!
• so many authors that I've been meaning to read things by!
A BLADE SO BLACK by L.L. McKinney - September 25th
I LIVE for Alice in Wonderland stuff
• I've heard such good things!
• THAT. COVER. amazing!

THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD by Rena Rossner - September 25th
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How Long is Too Long Between Books?

Here's something I haven't tried in a while: a discussion post. And I'm not really sure that I have enough thoughts on this particular subject to make it a particularly in-depth one, but it's something that I've been thinking about for a while, and I'm interested in getting some other opinions.

The central question is this: how long is too long to wait between reading books in a series? I don't think there's an exact answer for this, but there are two recent examples from my reading life that suggest that there might be some kind of limit.

A few weeks ago, I went through my to-read shelf in an effort to take a lot of books off of it. There were quite a few unfinished series on there, such as the REBEL OF THE SANDS series. I read the first book around two years ago, shortly after it was released, and really enjoyed it. However, when the second book was released, I just never got around to it. And now, the whole series has been released and I've still m…

Most Anticipated August Books

Welcome to round two of my most anticipated books! August isn't a month with too many new releases, but there are a couple that I'm really excited about. So, without further ado, here are my top priority August books!
HERETICS ANONYMOUS by Katie Henry - August 7th
• interesting examination of faith
• atheist at a Catholic school? this will be interesting
• I always need more queer Jewish characters
• I can find out what happened in the universe where I went to Catholic school, which was a distinct possibility at one point

RUIN OF STARS by Linsey Miller (Mask of Shadows #2) - August 28th
really loved the first book in this series
• the ending wrecked me though and I need to find out what happens
• I've heard there's even more queer representation in this one? which is always amazing
What are some books you're looking forward to in August? Tell me in the comments!

3 Bookish Things Tag

I absolutely love doing tags! I think they're a great way to talk about all kinds of books. I don't really see that many new tags around, though, so I was really excited to see Cait @ Paper Fury's post, in which she created this out of bookstagram questions.

3 FAVORITE AUTHORS • I haven't even come close to reading all of Mindy McGinnis's books, but two of them are all-time favorites and all the ones I've read have been so good they've stuck in my head for a very long time
• a new favorite is Maurene Goo, who I'm entirely ready to crown as the new queen of fluffy contemporary
• I would honestly have put Rachel Lynn Solomon on here after reading only one of her books, but I was lucky enough to read an ARC of OUR YEAR OF MAYBE and absolutely adored it

3 WEIRDEST THINGS USED AS A BOOKMARK • when I'm reading in bed and I'm too tired to go find a bookmark, I'll just stick my blankets into the book
• sometimes if I have a stack of books near me I'll …

Booktubeathon TBR Suggestions

Sometimes, you can be your own best inspiration. Case in point: I was trying to think of blog post ideas, and not having much luck, but then I ran across a post I did last year in which I gave recommendations for the Booktubeathon challenges. And, as luck would have it, Booktubeathon starts in just a few days, making it the perfect time recommend books for your TBRs again!

Some of the challenges this year a bit more difficult to recommend for, since they're a bit more personalized to the individual reader, but I still did my very best to find books that I've loved that would fit the requirements. So, if your TBR is a book or two short (or you haven't even made one yet - we've all been there!), here are some suggestions!

Let a coin toss decide your first read. This is one of the more individualized ones, so I decided to go with books that I think will make a great start to any readathon. Maybe you can do a coin flip between two of these! Two of my absolute favorite books a…