Saturday, September 3, 2016

Books I'm Taking To College

It's official - I'm a college student! As you're reading this, I'm going through orientation, which means that this post (and probably most future ones for the time being) have been written well in advance and I'm probably going to be even slower than usual at responding to comments and visiting other people's blogs. But I'll still be hesre! (Sometimes.)

There's a lot of preparation that goes into moving 3,000 miles away for college, and for a bookworm, one of the most important parts of planning is deciding which books to take with you. Unfortunately, my dorm room isn't quite big enough to hold all my books. At least not if I want to have anything else with me. I managed to get my list of books down to a total of 29, plus two pre-orders that are going to be here in a few days but that I'm technically not taking with me. So here's what I'm going to have physical copies of for the foreseeable future!






Have you had to cope with reduced bookshelves? Why? How long do you think these books are going to last me? Tell me in the comments!

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