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July Wrap-Up

July interesting month. I honestly thought I blogged more than I did, and then I looked back and found that I had published three entire posts. That's low, even for me.

To be fair, I had a reading slump for most of the middle of the month, and for me, reading slump = blogging slump. But also, having that reading slump did not stop me from reading over 30 books this month (not to mention DNFing 2, which is another weird thing), so I really have no excuses whatsoever about the blogging part.

Also having to do with blogging - remember when I made a post about blogging goals in May, gave myself until the end of June to do them, and then gave myself an extension until the end of July? That still didn't happen. I'm going to keep trying, though!

Let's get back to the good part, though - I read TONS of books!


The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson (Shades of London #2): I loved this addition to the series. There was everything I loved from the first book - hi…