Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Most Anticipated Reads: Second Half of 2017

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme: Top Ten Most Anticipated Books for the Second Half of 2017.

It's time for another most-anticipated list! I love making these, because I get so excited about upcoming releases, but it's always so hard to narrow it down. So guess what? I'm cheating a bit. Because I got this list down to 12 with sweat and tears and there's no way I could do any more.

Here are my top twelve most anticipated releases from July through December:

LUCKY IN LOVE by Kasie West (July 25): New Kasie West books will always be on my most anticipated list. And this one's just in time for summer! I still haven't read BY YOUR SIDE, so I'll have both of them this summer!

HOW TO DISAPPEAR by Sharon Huss Roat (August 15): This looks like such an interesting premise! I like seeing social media be an important part in books, because it's just getting more and more unrealistic for it to not be included. I also want to see more characters with anxiety disorders - I hope this one does a good job.

DRESS CODES FOR SMALL TOWNS by Courtney C. Stevens (August 29): I got attached to this one from when I read the first sentence on the back of the book: "The year I was seventeen, I had five best friends...and I was in love with all of them for different reasons." I don't know what it is about that, but it makes me want to read MORE.

THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END by Adam Silvera (September 5): The hype for this one has been so real for about a year now that I'm not even sure I have to say anything about it! Anyway, I wasn't the biggest fan of MORE HAPPY THAN NOT, but I'm still really excited to read this one!

THE DREADFUL TALE OF PROSPER REDDING by Alexandra Bracken (September 5): New Alexandra Bracken book? I'm here. I don't care what it's about, but really, that premise looks pretty amazing. I love slightly dark and very mysterious middle grade books - THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY series, anything by Lemony Snicket - and this seems like that.

INVICTUS by Ryan Graudin (September 26): WOLF BY WOLF was one of my absolute favorite books of last year, so when I saw that a book with this incredible time traveling heist premise was being written by the same author, I knew I had to read it.

BEFORE THE DEVIL BREAKS YOU by Libba Bray (The Diviners #3, October 3): I can't believe this book is coming so soon! After the wait between books 1 and 2, I thought this one would take forever. And after how much I loved the second book, I thought the wait would be unbearable. But now it's almost here!!

INTO THE BRIGHT UNKNOWN by Rae Carson (The Gold Seer Trilogy #3, October 10): I'm really excited to read this, but I'm so sad that this series is coming to an end! The first two books have both been amazing, and something tells me that this one is going to be even better.

DARE MIGHTY THINGS by Heather Kaczynski (October 10): A competition for a spot on a space mission. That's all I needed to know. It sounds amazing. And it looks like there's going to be a little bit of a mystery aspect, too, which should be interesting.

THIS DARKNESS MINE by Mindy McGinnis (October 10): I LOVE everything Mindy McGinnis (at least that I've read - I need to catch up) and this looks like it's going to be incredible. It also looks like it's going to be terrifying.

DEAR MARTIN by Nic Stone (October 17): A #blacklivesmatter book that centers around a character writing letters to Dr. King. I've heard nothing but amazing things about this so far, and I'm really excited to read it!

RETRIBUTION RAILS by Erin Bowman (November 7): So this is a follow-up/companion to VENGEANCE ROAD, which I wasn't thrilled with, but this one looks so good! I think I was sold at "aspiring female reporter," but the whole premise is intriguing, too.

What are some of your most anticipated reads for the rest of the year? Do we have any in common? Tell me in the comments!


  1. INVICTUS is on my list today as well. I'm also excited for RETRIBUTION RAILS, THIS DARKNESS MINE, and INTO THE BRIGHT UNKNOWN.

    Happy TTT!

  2. This Darkness Mine sounds SO interesting!! A twin absorbed in the womb, somehow enacting consciousness? So cool!

    1. I really have no idea what This Darkness Mine is going to be like (except creepy - I think that much is obvious), but I know I'm excited for it!