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Ten Books I've Added to My TBR Lately

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme: Top Ten Books You've Added to Your TBR Recently.

I have a bit of a problem with my TBR, and that problem is that I just can't seem to stop adding books to my TBR! I see a book, and I think "wow, that looks interesting! I should read it at some point." And then suddenly my TBR is over 800 books long and I'll literally never get through it but I don't know what to do because they all look so interesting.

It's gotten a lot worse lately, because I'm not reading as much as I used to now that I'm in college. I'm not adding more books to my TBR than I usually do, but I'm getting rid of them much more slowly. Here are some of the latest culprits - not the ten books I've added most recently, but I've added all of these in the past month or so, and they look AMAZING.

ALEX AND ELIZA: A LOVE STORY by Melissa de la Cruz: I LOVE Hamilton. I think I've been listening to it non-stop (ha) for months now. So when I saw that this was going to exist, I knew that I had to read it. I'm so excited!

HIDDEN FIGURES: THE AMERICAN DREAM AND THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE BLACK WOMEN MATHEMATICIANS WHO HELPED WIN THE SPACE RACE by Margot Lee Shetterly: Wow, that's a mouthful. This sounds like an absolutely fascinating story, and a part of history that I'd love to know more about. I actually first heard about it through the movie that's coming out next year - even if reading nonfiction isn't your thing, I'd highly recommend watching the trailer. It looks like it's going to be amazing!

HOW TO DISAPPEAR by Sharon Huss Roat: I think that a book that's so centered on social media is going to be really interesting - especially when that focus is on how we use social media and how we perceive people based on it. And that's a pretty great cover.

THAT BURNING SUMMER by Lydia Syson: I love historical fiction. I've read so many books about World War 2, and so many of those have been about pilots, but I really don't think that I'll ever stop being excited about books like this.

THE LOVE INTEREST by Cale Dietrich: This looks incredible. I've heard so much hype about it already. It has an absolutely fascinating premise, and it uses a lot of YA tropes but is so aware of them at the same time. Literally the whole plot is centered around artificially constructing a love triangle to get top-secret information...but then it turns into a whole other kind of love triangle with LGBT+ representation. I can't wait to read this!

THE PANTS PROJECT by Cat Clarke: I've noticed a huge increase in the number of books with transgender protagonists lately, both in YA and middle grade. And I'm really happy about that! These books are so important! And I think this one's going to challenge dress codes at the same time, which is also good.

ONCE AND FOR ALL by Sarah Dessen: I love Sarah Dessen. I haven't read all of her books yet, but that's mostly because I knew she was taking a break after Saint Anything and I didn't want to run out of books. But now I've heard about this! I'd read anything by Sarah Dessen, but this premise is so great. Wedding planning, but with a super-cynical main character? I'm so ready!

no covers - these are (unfortunately) too far ahead!

ALL OUT by Saundra Mitchell: I love historical fiction. I love LGBT+ representation. This is an anthology of short historical fiction stories about LGBT+ characters. It sounds like it was written for me. And it's #ownvoices, too! (Slightly related: on Goodreads, I have two lists on this subject - YA/MG Historical LGBT+ Ladies and YA/MG Historical LGBT+ Guys. I'd love if you voted on them and/or added more books!)

CHEMISTRY LESSONS by Meredith Goldstein: This one sounds really fun. Trying to come up with the perfect chemical formula to create love is bound to end in shenanigans, and I can't wait to see what this book has in store!

LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE by Claire Kann: Asexual representation! This is actually the second upcoming YA book with an asexual protagonist that I know about, but it's the one that I've added recently. I'm so happy that representation is expanding to include different groups of people!

What's the last book you added to your TBR? Is your TBR as overwhelming as mine? Any tips for how to keep it under control? Tell me in the comments!


  1. How to Disappear looks really really good! Just went and added it to my tbr on goodreads. To be honest though, I just use my tbr as somewhere to keep the books that I'm interested in reading. I don't really have a set number of books to read a month c:
    Fleur @ FranklyBooks just posted I HAVE A BOOK BIAS (1)

    1. I'm so excited for that one! And yeah, I tend to use my TBR the same way. That's why it currently has over 800 books. It's getting really overwhelming.

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading Hidden Figures!

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. It looks like it's going to be so interesting!

  3. I'm so so so excited for Alex and Eliza! I mean, a YA Hamilton story?! I don't think it can get any better. As for the rest of these, I don't think I've actually heard of any of them before. The Sarah Dessen books looks really interesting though! I absolutely loved Saint Anything so I've been meaning to check out some of her other books for a while now.

    1. I was so excited when I heard about Alex and Eliza! I love Hamilton, and I especially love Eliza, so I need to read that book ASAP. As for Sarah Dessen, Saint Anything is one of my favorites by her! I've read about half of her books now, and they're all so good. My other favorite by her is Lock & Key. Hopefully Once and for All can live up to those two!


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