Monday, July 24, 2017

Last Minute BookTubeAThon TBR Suggestions

It's time for one of the many annual events that take over a large portion of the bookish community: BookTubeAThon 2017! In case you don't know, BookTubeAThon is a readathon on YouTube hosted by Ariel Bissett with lots of fun challenges, reading sprints on Twitter, and tons of other cool stuff.

I'm probably going to be participating this year, but since my TBR isn't set in stone, I thought it might be fun to do a different kind of TBR post - recommending books that fit the challenges in case you need some help! These are all books that I've read and enjoyed that fit the challenges, so hopefully you can find some inspiration here!

Read a book with a person on the cover. 
This is a really interesting challenge! It's kind of a theme without really having a theme, because all kinds of different books have people on the covers. Some I really like that are all really different are A MADNESS SO DISCREET, GIRL OUT OF WATER, and LABYRINTH LOST.

Read a hyped book. 
This might be one you don't need my help with - after all, the challenge is basically based on recommendations - but I'm going to offer mine anyway. I'll readily admit that I'm a bit behind on reading the newest hyped books, though, so if you'd like something a bit more current, these aren't the best choices. Some of my recent(ish) reads that have lived up to the hype are THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED, THE HATE U GIVE, and SALT TO THE SEA.

Finish a book in one day. 
For this challenge, I'm assuming that you want a book that's not a graphic novel or comic book (but don't worry, I'll have recommendations for those later!). These are all novels that are either pretty short or that I absolutely flew through. THE WRATH & THE DAWN, THE GREAT GATSBY, and EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR.

Read about a character that is very different from you. 
Of course, this is going to depend greatly on who you are, but I find that books with fantastical elements are usually pretty safe. The main character of WOLF BY WOLF can change her appearance, the characters of SIX OF CROWS are quite the gang of criminals, and while THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES is a contemporary, I'll just say that I hope you're not too much like Alex.

Finish a book completely outdoors. 
For this, I chose books that reminded me of the outdoors. Of course, you might want to spend as little time outside as possible, in which case I refer you to the two challenges that involve quick books. My picks are THE EVOLUTION OF CALPURNIA TATE, WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER, and AMY & ROGER'S EPIC DETOUR.

Read a book you bought because of the cover. 
Personally, I've never bought a book solely because of the cover. However, I certainly have favorite covers, so those are what I'm recommending to you: A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU, THE NAMES THEY GAVE US, and I'LL GIVE YOU THE SUN. Aren't they gorgeous? It doesn't hurt that they're wonderful books as well.

Read seven books.
I'm going to assume that you'll fall behind at some point - everyone does - and that to catch up with this challenge you'll want something really short, like a comic book or graphic novel, so here some of my favorites: MS. MARVEL, VOL. 1: NO NORMAL, SCARLET WITCH, VOL. 1: WITCHES' ROAD, and THE MARVELS. (Don't be fooled by how massive that last one looks - more than half of it is just pictures!)

Are you participating in BookTubeaThon? Do you like readathons? When's the last time you did one? Tell me in the comments!


  1. Upside and Wrath were really good! I hope you enjoy! Good luck with the readathon!

    1. I really loved both of those, too! And thanks!