Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Are Reading Slumps Good?

I've been pretty absent from my blog this month, and I don't really have much of an excuse. I've had summer vacation! I should have all the time in the world! And yet my reading and blogging has been about as inconsistent as during the school year. Why? The dreaded reading slump, and the inevitable (for me, at least) subsequent blogging slump.

I haven't finished a book since the first few days of this month. I've tried to pick up a few others, but I just can't get into them. And I kind of miss reading, but I also kind of don't. It's one of those reading slumps - when everything else you do kind of fills in your life so there's not exactly a hole in your life where reading used to be.

But this reading slump really hasn't been a bad thing! I've relaxed in other ways. I've watched a ton of Netflix. I've done a lot of organizing. I've spent time with friends. I've read so many things online that aren't books - I feel like trying to keep up with the news should count towards my Goodreads challenge.

I also feel like when I do start reading again, I'll look at the books I read with a somewhat fresher mind. I love just going from one book to the next, but after a while, it can get tiring. And I don't think it's fair on books that I might love to read them when I'm just tired of reading in general. If I can wait a week and love it again, I'm going to do that.

I used to hate reading slumps. I still don't like that I feel like I'm getting behind on my reading, but I'm starting to accept that reading slumps are sometimes good for me. It's a kind of balance that I'm not so good at consciously doing, so I guess this is my subconscious checking in on me. I definitely don't like the blogging slumps, though - a big part of that problem is that I'm still really bad at planning my posts in advance, which is something I can definitely work on.

Personally, my reading slump looks like it's coming to an end. A couple of my library holds came in, and I'm actually really excited about getting to them, so I think I'll try to start them in the next few days. But if I don't feel like going past the first few chapters, I won't push it. I know I'll always come back to reading eventually.

Do you ever like your reading slumps? How long did your last one take to get over? Do your reading slumps affect your blogging? Let's discuss in the comments!


  1. Personally, I've never been a fan of my reading slumps. I'm sure that there are times that I've been in one, but haven't noticed – however when they are noticeable, I find them nothing but frustrating! Theres nothing worse than wanting to do something, but not being able to do it without any solid reason.

    Fleur @ Fleur Henley

    1. I've definitely been in the situation where I haven't noticed before! And I've had super frustrating reading slumps, too. I guess this time, I was just lucky that there was always something else I wanted to do!

  2. This is such a positive way of thinking about it. I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately. I've managed to read about 4 books in the past few weeks and I'd been feeling quite down about it as I have quite a few ARCs due to be read over the next few weeks. I should be thinking of it in a more positive light. It's great having time to do other things outside reading which sort of get neglected when I'm blogging. It looks like it's coming to an end so next time a slump happens I'll try and embrace it.

    1. That's a great outlook! Reading slumps can be pretty annoying, but since they seem to be inevitable, I think it's important to look at them positively when we can.

  3. As long as you're not unhappy about your reading slumps, there's no reason to lament them. Enjoy your free time! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction