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Ten Books That Made Me Cry

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme: FREEBIE!

Today in the list of things that you may or may not have already known at me: I cry at books ridiculously easily. Maybe not tears-streaming-down-my-face all the time, but it really doesn't take much for me to tear up. It happens often enough that I've created an entire Goodreads shelf for those books. (Which maybe means that I don't have to make this list, but this means that I get to talk about the books more, which is always good.)

I noticed while I was putting this list together that most of my tears are linked to spoiler-y scenes. And I didn't want to talk about those! But I do want to talk about all of my emotions linked to those specific moments, if you've read the books, too. So please keep the comments spoiler-free, but if you want to talk about any of these, feel free to message me on Twitter or Instagram and we can scream about our emotions together.

Without further ado, here are ten of the books that made me cry the most.

WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart: My tears for this one were part sadness and part shock. If you've read it, you know what I'm talking about. I was fine for a while, and then as things unfolded, I was suddenly sobbing.

IN THE AFTERLIGHT by Alexandra Bracken (The Darkest Minds #3): To be fair, I'm pretty sure that every book in this series has made me cry. But this is the one that made me sob so much that I had to put the book down and take time to recover. Even just thinking about a certain scene makes me emotional.

THE GAME OF LOVE AND DEATH by Martha Brockenbrough: This is one of those books where I could feel myself getting emotional, told myself not to cry...and then went ahead and cried anyway. It was such an incredible scene that I couldn't help myself!

A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness: At least with this one, I know I'm not alone. I don't think I've seen a single reaction to this book that hasn't involved tears! For a while, I didn't think I was going to cry, but then the book just got to a certain point and I couldn't take it anymore. There's no way I could see the movie in theaters - that much crying would just be embarrassing.

CROOKED KINGDOM by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows #2): You know when you get really attached to a character? Like, more than the normal amount of attachment? And then something happens to that character? That's what happened to me. I'm still not over it.

ROSE UNDER FIRE by Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity #2): I talk about CODE NAME VERITY a lot, which is fitting considering it's pretty much my favorite book ever, but I really don't give this sequel/companion enough love. They both left me an emotional wreck, but this one has the extra punch of being closely based off of a true story.

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS by Cristin Terrill: I really didn't think that this one was going to make me cry. There was a big part of the story that I definitely saw coming, so I thought it wouldn't affect me, but guess who was wrong? Me. (Never bet against me crying about a book.)

LAIR OF DREAMS by Libba Bray (The Diviners #2): I actually still know exactly which page the scene that made me sob is on, because I was crying too much to find my bookmark and I didn't want to get my tears on the page. I wish I were joking. And it's that much worse because it's something that I should have seen coming hundreds of pages in advance, but I didn't. And it was like getting punched in the stomach.

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by L.M. Montgomery: Is talking about a character death from a classic novel still a spoiler? I'm not sure, so I won't say who, but the person who dies in this book really didn't deserve to, and it completely broke my heart.

ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr: I started crying pretty close to the end of this book, and I didn't stop until about twenty minutes after I'd finished. I remember my dad tried to ask me a question right after I stopped reading, and I just couldn't process anything he was saying.

Do you cry at books? Or am I alone in having so many emotions? What are some of the books you've cried the most at? Tell me in the comments! (But again, spoiler-free, please!)


  1. Lol I'm going to ruin your life and tell you that I didn't cry at A Monster Calls. Because I'm apparently a heartless robot. So, now you know that it is possible at least.

    1. I also saw the movie in theaters and didn't cry then either.

    2. I can't believe you. And I can't believe that I hadn't noticed you're a robot before now :)

  2. I'm really happy to see Crooked Kingdom on your list since I have recently decided I want to read Six of Crows and I love when books are emotional, so now I'm even more excited!

    1. Those books are DEFINITELY emotional! You get attached to all of the characters so quickly that everything bad that happens is just that much worse (in the best way).

  3. I'm pretty sure I went through an entire box of tissues with A Monster Calls.

    Lauren @ Always Me

  4. Great list! I haven't read A Monster Calls, but I saw the movie last week and it definitely made me cry!
    My TTT:

    1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but if it's anything like the book, I'm sure it was amazing!

  5. I've heard a TON about All the Light we Cannot see, haven't read it though. Good list! I haven't read A Monster Calls but I have seen the movie and thought it was good!

    1. Those two books are both amazing! They were also both books that I didn't think I was going to read, but then I heard so many amazing things about them that I couldn't resist.

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