Thursday, February 18, 2016

3 Authors I NEED New Books From

We've all had it happen. We read a great book by an author we've never tried before, so we eagerly go onto their Goodreads author page to find our next book only to find...nothing. This author hasn't written anything else, there's no Goodreads entries for future books, and all desperate Google searches come up with nothing. Your potential new favorite author has written only one book.

Sometimes, our need for more is met pretty quickly when the author announces a new project (and then there's just the wait for the release date, which is hard enough on its own). But sometimes...we wait. And we wait. Aaaaaaand we wait.

Here are three of the authors whose plans I'm eagerly anticipating the most. Each of them had their debut published over a year ago, and none of them has any pages for future books on Goodreads. I'm sure that if these authors are working on another book, they're taking the time to make it as wonderful as it can be, and I understand that writing takes time...BUT I'M READY ANYTIME.
All Our Yesterdays Cristin Terrill Cristin Terrill, author of All Our Yesterdays: This book has everything. Time travel, politics, friendship, romance - I could go on for a while. I wasn't expecting to be completely sucked into this book, but that's exactly what happened. Suddenly, I found myself a couple hundred pages in and trying (and failing) not to cry. There were plans for a sequel, but that didn't work out. I'm not too disappointed, since this one had a nice ending, but I haven't heard anything about another Cristin Terrill book in the works.
Makiia Lucier, author of A Death-Struck Year: I couldn't put this book down. It's a lovely historical (and you know my weakness for historicals) about a girl who decides to help others during the Spanish influenza. I haven't been able to find a lot of YA books set in this time period, so I was eager to pick this one up. I was not disappointed. I was completely drawn in, especially by all of the wonderful characters, and it made me want to read some nonfiction about the influenza (which I'll get to...eventually). Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anything about Makiia Lucier releasing another book. I know she hasn't completely vanished from the publishing world, since A Death-Struck Year was just released in paperback, but I'm very eager to hear about something new. A Death-Struck Year Makiia Lucier
The Chance You Won't Return Annie Cardi Annie Cardi, author of The Chance You Won't Return: This book has stuck with me for quite a while. I was actually shocked when I saw that I'd first read it a year and a half ago because so much of it is still fresh in my mind. It's the story of a girl whose mom starts thinking that she's Amelia Earhart. It's a fascinating view of mental illness and how it affects an entire family. I know we'll be getting more books from this author in the future - she includes writing updates in her blog posts - but I haven't heard any concrete plans for specific books or release dates. 

Which authors are you most excited to hear new plans from? And how long have you been waiting? Have you read any of the books I included? Tell me in the comments!

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